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The Seven Secrets of Academic Success


Why do I think I can help you achieve your learning goals?  Well, in my VCE year I achieved the equivalent of an ATAR score of 99.90.  In my science course at Melbourne University, I was in the top five students in each year, I was the top pure and applied maths student, and my grades with a couple of exceptions are all high distinctions.  I was awarded a competitive scholarship overseas at Cambridge University to study for my PhD.  Despite this, I am not a natural exam performer:  I failed my maths entrance exam at Melbourne University.  I have achieved academic excellence through targeted learning and smart exam preparation.  Skills like these can be shared with anyone who values their education and has the foresight to seek assistance to extend their potential.

I have taught students from early high school through to university research level, and from one-to-one teaching, to classroom teaching, and full lectures.  I have taught well over 100 students and have had the privilege of watching close hand as students strive and achieve excellent academic results, and others grow and develop dramatically.  I know personally what it takes to achieve academic success through my own studies and through working closely with many students I have seen what works and what doesn’t in the pursuit of academic excellence.  Over the next few weeks and months I will share the tips and secrets that I have discovered and share some of the stories of how a number of my students achieved what they did as well as some of the setbacks.

Can’t wait? Email me at jason.jeffers@galoisdream.com.au and I’ll send through all Seven Secrets of Academic Success now without having to wait for it to be published on the blog.


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